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Luxostay Curates and offers tailored access to some of the world’s best ultra-5-star hotels and resorts. These are hotels that invoke a unique sense of captivating emotions, a grand atmosphere, opulent features, and facilities that reflect their luxury rating and value. We specialise in providing exclusive ultra-luxury hotel experiences to high-end clients internationally.
From the worlds’ exotic locations to cosmopolitan cities, we bring you a selection of the most iconic 5-star without compromise properties globally. Carefully chosen for your convenience, Luxostay offers you an opportunity to discover breathtakingly stunning hotel properties, locations, and amazing experiences to inspire your next journey. 


A passion for high-end hospitality and the drive to discovering distinctively unique properties with a culture of spectacular experiences, features and comparing various properties across the globe over a decade is our inspiration.
Luxostay gives you unique, tailored luxury offers that include strictly 5-star hotel & resort reservations, services, amenities, facilities, locations, cuisine and so much more. We cater to the guests’ ultimate desires by providing uncompromised luxury only offered by specific range of hotel and resort brands. 


The platform available across multiple user platforms with an ease-of-use experience that enable easy navigation of a range of properties in an efficient way. The visually captivating design with soft background colours allows the user to visually experience the property through a vast range of carefully chosen media elements. The idea is to allow users to “feel” the property’s beautiful atmosphere whilst browsing.


The world has evolved extensively, and the power of digital tools has had to significantly conform to this evolution, our mission is to inspire and excite by showcasing beautiful properties that really define the meaning of luxury hospitality.
Our Vision is to become the ultimate discovery platform for the most elite 5 star luxury hotels and resorts globally.


-    Tailored VIP Experiences, Reservations
-    International Concierge Services
-    Exclusive Events, Promotions & Exhibitions
-    Marketing & Advertising
-    Tourism Promotion
-    Luxostay Media Services & TV - coming soon
-    Hotel & Lifestyle Merchandise – coming soon


-    Hospitality Student Sponsorships & Bursaries
-    Orphan Travel Excursions & Tours
-    OCAD Programme



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